A Glimpse into the Life of our Family!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Proud Parents!

Our Dogs Bella & Diesel are the proud parents of three cute puppies. Bella is doing good, she is showing that she is a good mommy. And she is very protective of the little ones. Diesel is really nervous, he wants to see, but Bella doesn't want him by them. He keeps going to the bathroom door and whining.

1st little puppy:
The 1st one born is a little girl, she's the biggest out of the three, she's black with a little bit of brown, on her face and paws and has a white chest.

2nd little puppy:
The 2nd is a little boy, he was born breach (feet first) he is chocolate brown, with lighter brown paws and white on his chest.

3rd little puppy:
The 3rd little puppy is another little girl, she is the smallest, she looks alot like the 1st one, she is black with a little bit of brown around her face and paws.

I'll add more pictures, as they get a lille older.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Yes another pet...now we have 5.

We got another pet this time its a hampster, Brookelyn named "Pookie". It's a girl and she is so cute.

Happy 35th Birthday Adam!

For Adam's birthday we went to Wendover Nevada & stayed over a night at the Pepper Mill Casino. Our room was really nice, it was a suite with a hot tub for two, which was so relaxing and fun! The room had these track lights that you could dim around the whole room and tons of mirrors. (very romantic!) The 2nd day (Adam's birthday) we woke up to a snow storm. So we decided to wait it out a bit and see if it would get better, we went to eat at a yummy buffet and then played a couple more machines. Adam ended up winning $350.00 dollars on the Wheel of Fortune machine. It was such a great way to end our trip because it paid for the whole trip plus a bit more. The weather let up, so we decided to head home, but about half way, we hit the storm again. It was kind-of scary driving home it took us about 2 and half hours, but we made it.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A great Spring day at the Gateway!

We decided to drive up Salt Lake to the Gateway this weekend, and it was so fun we had such a good time. They already have the water fountains going too. We also went to the Clarke Planetarium, to see the 3D under water movie. It was really cool, you could see fish swimming right infront of your face.