A Glimpse into the Life of our Family!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Kids Halloween Parade

I went to go to the kid's Halloween parade at school today. Brooke wanted to be a devil for Haloween, I said a devil? Not a princess, or how about Dorthy? She decided no a devil. So I decided Brooke needed to be a pretty devil. She was so happy as always! And skipped into school, to meet up with her friends.

And Trevor..... well you get the picture! I went in to Trevor's class room to see if he needed help getting his costume off after the parade, and this kid in his class came up to me, pointed to Trevor and said, " He is so scary, he's in my dreams." I felt bad for him. He made the kid's at my daycare cry. I was supposed to take one of the little girls with me, but she didn't want to get into the car, if Trevor was in the car.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Today is an unusual post, but I need to tell everyone to be careful!! With the cold weather coming in no time at all, this is a reminder to everyone...This morning about 8:30 a.m. one of my parents dropping off their kids, got her car stolen. She pulled up ran the kids in we talked for just a second, she turned around to leave, and said my car is gone? We called the police, they responded very quickly. With the quick responce, she did end up getting her car back, but they took her purse, cell phone and laptop. It really made me scared. But the police said it was proably a random act. But I just feel that I need to give everyone this reminder.....Please be safe! Love you Vicki

Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Logan Zoo

Us at the Willow Park Zoo in Logan, Darleen's family. The last post got kind-of big so I put the zoo picture's in their own spot. It only cost .50 cents to get in. But it mostly had small animals, like lots of different kinds of birds, lots of ducks, swans, and geese, they also had squirrels, turtles, raccoons and monkeys. The only bigger animals were a wolf, fox, kangaroo and some elk. It was a really nice little zoo. And such a great ending to our fun family trip!!

Summer vacation to Bear Lake.

In September 14-17th, 2008 we took a vacation with my sister Darleen, her husband Adam Palmer, and their kids (Kelcee, Kaden, Kambree and Korbin) to Bear Lake. We stayed in a very nice 2 bedroom, 2 bath condo. When was first got to Bear Lake we went down to the Marina, to see the boats, and the lake. We played and had a picnic right on the beach, we also collected bucket's full of shells, and fed the sea gulls. It was nice sandy beaches, and the water wasn't deep unless you waded out about 50 feetor more. We brought our raft, Adam and Trevor took the little kids for rides. My husband Adam is the artist he made the sand sculptures. We decided to take a dive to Montpillier Idaho, just to see what it was like. Its a very small country town. We went swimming every day in the pool. The drive through Logan Canyon was very pretty! All the leaves were starting to change colors. On the way back home we stopped in Logan, Utah to see Logan's Zoo, It was a great trip, we had tons of fun.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Pumpkins, Pumpkins, more Pumpkins!!

The kids happen to get bored again so they asked if we could get more pumpkins to carve, so off we go to our neighborhood Walmart. They now marked the pumpkins down to $2.00 each, what a deal! This is our latest creations.... Brooke carved out Happy Halloween, Trevor's looks like its on fire, or the headless horseman's missing head....SPOOOKY!!! I hope now we are ready for Halloween?

Sunday, October 19, 2008

What a great UEA weekend turn out to be!

We decided to take the kids up to Liberty Park, to the Tracy Aviary to see the birds. When we pulled up to the entrance, they had a sign in front of the entrance, that said Free admission today for U.E.A. Weekend. It was such a great day. The weather was great and at the bird show both of our kids got called on to help in the program. They were so happy to help out in front of a huge crowd. This is some of the birds, we saw. There is also a small section on the outside of the park that has a couple of rides (a small ferris wheel, swings a merry go round, airplanes and little cars.) We let the kids go on a few, they had a really good time. The pictures look so cool because it looks like they are flying, over the houses.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Oh the weather out side is frightful, but its not ghosts its SNOW!

My kids got up this morning and they yelled SNOW! They were so happy getting on thier coat and gloves. They went out and built a snowman, they were so proud, they asked to use the camera and take pictures. Aren't they cute! The one on the table is Brooke's and the one on the deck is Trevor's.

SNOW!! I knew it was coming, but did not want to believe it was here yet. I'm just not ready for the snow, I still have, pruning, mowing the lawn, cleaning out the garage, putting our outdoor chairs and tables away, covering the water spouts, bringing in the bird bath, putting kid toys away. Well you all know. But Adam says not to worry, it almost always warms back up for a minute before it gets super cold...Luckily yesterday my husband got the air conditioner cleaned out and covered, and he started the furnace. What a great hubby, making sure we did not freeze!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Our Annual Carving Pumpkins Event

This little one is for diesel, the kids decided to carve him one, they drew a line down the middle and Trevor did one side and Brooke did the other. Now thats team work.

The top left is Trevor's, top right is Brooke's, and bottom left is Adam's, and bottom right is mine.

We just got done carving our pumpkins into jack-o-lanterns this year. We do this every year with our kids, Trevor and Brooke are now baking halloween cookies. We are looking froward to the begining of the holiday season.

The colors of Fall

This is us, looking at all the leaves changing, in Big Cottonwood Canyon.
All the leaves are sooo pretty. This is a tradition we started when the kids were little, just to take a drive up the canyon to see the leaves changing and to take pictures. We love the mountains! I think thats were you can find us all year long. We go fishing, play in the water, camping, picnic's, BBQ's, hiking, looking at leaves, and tubing in the winter. I dont know what we'd do with out the mountains.

Halloween Fun 2007

We have alot of fun this time of year. We are getting costumes ready for Halloween. Trevor almost always has to be something scary and elaborate. Brooke is more simple but her costume is just as fancy! They start thinking about costumes starting October 1st or sometimes earlier, and it doesn't end until I am taking them to school for the halloween parade. I think back and it's funny when the kids were little, we would hit about 10 houses and our kids were so done trick-or-treating. But now they try to hit as many houses as they can. It's like a competition to see who can get the most candy. They have a blast! For Halloween 2007 Trevor was a T-Bird and Brooke was a 50's poddle skirt icon. For Halloween 2006 Trevor was Mario (off the Nintendo) and Brooke was the Tooth Fairy.