A Glimpse into the Life of our Family!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Making our own home made pizzas

We made our own personal chicken pizzas. They tasted so good enveryone ate way too much and felt stuffed. The kids thought it was really fun, & they can't wait to do it again.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Where's the snow?

We bought snowboards for our kids last year for the winter. But there has never been enough snow... so we loaded up the boards, sleds, boots, coats, gloves...ect. and drove up to Park City/Kamas in hunt for a few small hills to try out. We drove around Kamas & Woodland, but we all we found was lots of snow but really no places to ride a sled or snow board on. So we just got out and messed around in the snow for a bit until we were alll freezing. We always stop by the Provo River to see how it looks, and we saw some pretty neat things. We saw two eagles fighting in the sky,(it looked like something you would see on National Geographics channel) and we saw some wild turkeys... I didn't even know wild turkey's lived in Utah, it was so cool to see. As if we weren't cold enough we went to Dicks and got an Oreo shake and fries. Then we drove into Park City the sundance festival was going and it was soooo crowded, it took us an extra half hour just to drive back out. We didn't even see any movie stars. But we had such a great day!

Brookes Gymnastics Class

Brookes been taking gymnastics for a few months now with her cosin Lexi and 2 neighbor girls (Amy and Kambree) And has had a blast! When she first started she couldnt do a cartwheel but just after a couple months, She has been getting really good, and has even started doing a 1 handed cartwheel.